Frequently asked questions


How do I become a member?

You can check out our home page!

What does the organization offer?

We have multiple opportunities! Some are the following :

  1. Shadowing session with people in the medical field
  2. Volunteering ( Limited and are always announced )
  3. Leadership ( Always announced )
  4. Learning Opportunities to expand your knowledge on medical topics

Is The Medica Zone a 501c(3)?

Yes! We are fiscally sponsored by

I signed up ,do I need to wait for the confirmation email?

No! You can start right away on our opened opportunities the email just offers a basic overview of the organization and answer any questions you may have !

I joined now what?

Welcome! We're happy to have you! Check our recent announcements and tabs under "classwork" to see what is currently open and what you can participate in! Follow our instagram for constant updates! @themedicazone

How do I become apart of the leadership team?

Applications and announcements are typically announced! We don't allow anyone create thier own leadership positions unless the proposal is very well!

How do I volunteer for the organization?

We have ambassador applications opened!! They are rolling admissions you can find the form on our google classroom and instagram bio! @themedicazone

How do I receive the certificate for my hours?

Fill out our verification form and it will be emailed directly to your counselor/advisor ( Our policy that has been input by our exectuive directors states it cannot be sent to you directly )