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What do we do?

On a daily basis,  The Medica Zone departments work to enhance the career development of members through overlooking various aspects that are analyzed to be apart of an individuals career and leadership potential in the future.

Research Department

Directed by Farzoq Bukhari

 The Research Department focuses on providing various opportunities for members to grow their medical knowledge on a weekly basis. This objective is achieved through providing informational slides on a weekly basis from highly credible sources, providing the opportunity to test their knowledge retainment, and so much more. Additionally, the research department has represented the power behind knowledge through the launch of various programs that enables members to apply the knowledge they're learning such as debates on popular medical topics such as obesity being identified as a disease, various essay contests, and live kahoot games 

Graphics Department

The Graphic Design Department brings to life the work and projects of the organization through animation, post decoration and creation, and merchandise creation. The graphic design department creates the logos for all state and school based chapters registered under The Medica Zone tax-exemption status. While also creating the flyers and advertisement needed for all events and programs hosted by the organization on a weekly basis 

Directed by Jaden Armond

Publicity Department

Directed by Juhi Sahay

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, The Publicity Department is the backbone of The Medica Zone . Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. The publicity department aims to ensure the success and impact of events and programs hosted by the national organization. While also being equipped to readily handle and develop future programs, projects, and improvement for the organization by examining analytics, feedback,and concerns.

Translation Department

Directed by Jaden Armond  & Esther Lee

Upon the growth of the organization expanding internationally, the Translation Affairs department was created in partnership with Sune Translations to provide non-english speaking members an equal opportunity and access to the organizations programs and events by translating the announcements, events, and informational material into Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean,and Vietnamese. Additionally, the translation affairs department provides opportunities to English speaking members to advance their skills in a foreign language through a number of events.

Service Hours Management Department

Directed by Vishwa Pardeshi

The Service Hours Management Department analyzes, records, and overlooks all service projects hosted by the national organization. The management of the service hours develops members the opportunity to boost their resumes, get ahead of their graduation requirements, and build their experiences in leadership and medical field.

Outreach Department

Directed by Jason Toliao

The Outreach Department recruits and manages guest speaker sessions hosted on a monthly bassi. This has developed the opportunity for members to build future connections in the workplace field. White also learning from the experiences and obstacles of individuals who have achieved the career goals that members are aspriring to achieve.

Youtube Department

Directed by Omar Dixon

The Youtube Department ensures all  members have the opportunity to access all events hosted by the organization by providing recorded videos of all events. The Youtube platform offers a unique journey through entertaining and engaging video content, which is always growing and changing. 

Social Media 
Management Department

Directed by Hena Patel

The Social Media Management Departments focused on ensuring the mission and purpose of the organization reaches the ultimate target audience that will incredibly benefit from the resources provided by the organization. This objective is achieved through the professional management of Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

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